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Red Eye Tetra Tank Mates

red eye tetra tank mates

How many red eye tetras should be kept together?

The Redeye tetra is a schooling fish that should be kept in groups of six or more in the aquarium. If it is kept by itself, it may nip the fins of other fish.

Can red eye tetras be aggressive?

Red eye tetras typically stay in the middle of the water column and swim among plants or hiding places. If you have slow-moving fish or species with flowing fins, you might notice some aggression from red eye tetras. Red eye tetras can nip fish’s fins, so you should watch for fish that are in danger.

Can red eye tetras live with guppies?

Tank Mates for Tetras and Guppies Because tetras and guppies are both peaceful and friendly fish, you can easily keep them in the same aquarium. However, if you do want to keep them together, you can still think about keeping them with another fish species. For guppies, you can never go wrong with adding more guppies to the tank.

Are Red Eye Tetra hardy?

The Red Eye Tetra is very hardy, and disease is usually not a problem in an aquarium that is well-maintained. For a general description of how to breed freshwater fish, see Breeding Freshwater Fish: Characins and Fish Food for Fry.

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