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Most Expensive Betta Fish 💰 $10 Million!

Most expensive betta fish species are undoubtedly the most difficult. In recent years, it has become the most expensive betta fish in the world due to the reduction of species with excessive and unconscious hunting. At the same time, the elegance of their tails is not in any other fish. The bettas are so valuable that one of them can reach thousands of dollars. That is why you can find normal bettas in pet stores, but rare bettas are even sold in auctions with auctions because they are very expensive. Like 1-10 Million Dollars!

The most expensive betta well-known feature of betta fish is that they are aggressive against other fish and have eye-catching colorful charm. When these features of Betta fish have been recognized since ancient times, the Japanese trained them to fight other fish, and this fighting training became a competition and showed after a certain period. In particular, the harmony and vibrant colors of the betta moving in harmony have made them the most expensive betta fish in aquariums.

Most Expensive Betta Fish

Most Expensive Betta “Plakat”

Most expensive betta fish is a “Plakat Betta“. Plate Betta fish are very expensive. It is mostly purchased by fish collectors who are richer and extremely fond of fish. You can see many shades of perfect and wonderful colours in this rare betta type.

In addition, it is a very active and energetic type of betta. The length of the fins is shorter than other betta fish, and the body is located immediately adjacent to the body, allowing us to distinguish it from others better in appearance. This feature makes it look quite large and large. The most expensive betta fish feature of this betta is that it is unique.

plakat betta fish

For this reason, depending on its colour, the Plakat betta fish price increases up to $ 2000.

Most Expensive Betta Fish In The World “Halfmoon”

One of the most expensive betta fish in the world can be “Halfmoon“. If we are talking about the most expensive betta fish in the world, we should mention the Half Moon betta fish, another rare and precious betta species. It got the name Half Moon because it looks like a half-moon when it opens its fins and reveals its massive tail. The shape of its tail is so attractive that you can watch it for hours without blinking while it swims. Another feature of half-moon bettas (the most expensive betta fish) is that their magnificent and delicately shaped tails can open almost 180 degrees.

This way, male half-moon betta fish can attract female bettas by courting them. If we look at the color, the color of male half-moon betta fish is mostly pastel colors, while the colors of the female ones are more vivid and in red tones.

Maybe This Betta Can Most Expensive Betta Fish 2021 “Crowntail”

We talked about the most expensive betta fish ever. But Crowntail Betta Fish, unlike other betta species, are very few in the world, and besides, it is challenging to breed under strict conditions. If the temperature of their environment and the oxygen level of the water they are in are not of a certain quality and sensitivity, the Crowntail Betta can die. In this case, of course, no one wants to lose a betta whose price is so high.

most expensive betta fish
most expensive betta fish

The most astonishing beauty of Crowntail bettas is their very long tails. Their tails are so long that they can cover an entire aquarium. If you want a crown tail betta, you must also have a giant aquarium.

Fantail Betta Fish (Crowntail)

Crowntail betta fish have long fins and also long tails. That’s why their appearance resembles a king’s crown. So That’s why it’s called the “Crowntail.”

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Crowntail betta fish are as delicate and sensitive as they are beautiful. So much so that they can get sick at the slightest change in the temperature of the water. Therefore, keeping the aquarium cleaning and water level stable is essential.

Crowntail Betta Fish

Among the betta types, we consider the crowntail kind almost the most expensive betta fish type. Since it is a scarce and hard-to-find species, its Fiat costs nearly ten million dollars. So much so that you can buy a mansion or a yacht sixty meters long with this money.

Meet The Most Expensive Fighting Fish “Kachen Worachai”

Think of a betta fish so that its colors match the colors of a country’s flag and are very valuable. Here is the name of this betta; “Kachen Worachai”. The most important feature of this breed is that its colors are the same as the colors of the Thai national flag. These eye-catching colors consist of white, blue, and red colors.

Kachen Worachai

In the color distribution of this species, the ink blue color circulates throughout the body of the fish, while a white line runs parallel to its belly. On the other hand, the red color on the lower parts of their fins brings this elegance to the top.

Most Expensive Betta Fish Ever Sold

Price this unique betta fish was purchased by “Kachen Worachai” for $22 million in an auction. In this state, it still holds the title of the most expensive betta fish in the world.

The Distinctive Features Of The Most Expensive Betta Fish

  • Gorgeous and eye-catching vibrant colors
  • Their tails are too big and elegant
  • Big and elegant of the fins
  • Only sales of certain auctions

Did You See The Fancy Betta Fish

Lastly, the most expensive betta fish is the fancy type. As we said before, their striking colors and unique stature make bettas valuable and priceless. Although it does not have the tail size of the Fancy half-moon betta, it creates a magnificent visual feast in terms of a color diagram.

Fancy Betta Fish

Most Beautiful Betta Fish In The World

The image that emerges with the interlocking of colors I have never encountered before is as if an artist is trying to show people his most remarkable and precious work. You can also understand how dexterous the creator is from the unsatisfying looks of these most expensive betta fish.

We can’t even imagine how magnificent a creator who paints a fish with such beautiful colors is himself.

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