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Electric Blue Guppy | The Most Beautiful Guppy! (17 NEW Pics)

Electric blue guppy is the most interesting guppy fish type. This article will provide information about the electric blue guppy, including general information, breed and spawning methods, and origin. In addition, you’ll learn about the size and underlying colour of this popular fish. You’ll also discover how to care for your new addition and what to look for when purchasing them. After reading this informative article, you’ll be ready to buy a new pet!

General Info About Electric Blue Guppy

If you’re looking for a fish to live in your aquarium, consider buying an Electric Blue Guppy. This beautiful fish can be purchased in different colour varieties and is an excellent addition to any tank. Electric Blue Guppy fish are commonly found in tropical and marine fish tanks, but you can also find some that are not. These fish are popular because of their eye-catching colours. If you’re unsure which kind of electric blue guppies you’ll want, here are some general details to keep in mind.

Scientific Information About Electric Blue Guppy

Scientific NameOsphronemidae
Caring LevelNormal
Color TypesElectric Blue, Deep Blue Tail, Multicolor
Lifespan CircleUp to 2.5 Years
Fish Size0.3 – 1.4 inches (Male)
1.2 – 2.4 inches (Female)
Recommended Diet TypeAnimal protein supplements
Tank Size For 4 Fish3 gallons
Aquarium Tank SetupFloating Plants, Freshwater
Ideal Ph Level Of WaterBetween 5.9 and 6.9
Other Compatible FishOther peaceful community fish or shrimp
Gourmai Fish Specifications
Electric Blue Guppy

The Electric Blue Guppy is the most popular colour variation. Its red tails and face are a unique way to attract attention. They are known for exhibiting a vivid colour in different lighting conditions, so they look their best in brightly coloured aquariums. If you’re unsure which colour to buy, you can always go for a mix of blue and red guppies, but they’re not as attractive as the fancy ones.

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Breeding & Spawning Electric Blue Guppy

There are several vital steps to breeding and spawning your Electric Blue Guppy fish. The first step is to select a female fish. Usually, females will lay eggs in the breeding tank about two weeks before delivery. You can place a breeding box at the back of your aquarium to provide a hiding place for the babies. You can add a fake or live plant to the breeding tank.

Electric Blue Guppy

Guppies are popular in the hobby because of their unique pattern, similar to the way found in snakeskin. The guppies’ pattern is referred to as “filigree” in Europe. The different colours of guppies result from their high concentration of iridophores. Moreover, this guppie has a great pattern that makes it look like an electric blue.

The male and female Electric Blue Acaras are compatible with tank mates. The female lacks a nuchal hump and has subdued fins. They are both excellent for breeding. They are easily paired with other species and are friendly around aquatic plants. Breeding an Electric Blue Guppy is possible even if you have just one adult fish in your aquarium. Just be sure your mates don’t fight, or you might end up with one aggressive fish.

Electric Blue Guppy

Electric Blue Guppy Size

The electric blue guppy is one of the most beautiful fancy fish around. They are a stunning shade of electric blue with hints of light blue and dark blue. This strain of guppy is easy to breed and maintain. Males are smaller than females, but both types have a stunning appearance. Read on to learn more about this unique fish. This article will give information about the electric blue guppy and its characteristics.

Electric Blue Guppy

However, if you’re looking for a smaller guppy, it’s best to buy a larger one.

Electric Blue Guppy Origin

Male and female guppies have different colour patterns, sizes and shapes. It is between 1.5 and 3.5 cm long. Females are generally smaller but can be as large as six inches long. This size makes them ideal tank mates for different fish species.

Electric Blue Guppy | The Most Beautiful Guppy! (17 NEW Pics) 8

The Electric Blue Guppy is an attractive and peaceful fish with a similar personality, and care needs as other guppies. The guppies originated in South America, where they live in freshwater. These beautiful fish are also available in aquariums and can be kept as pets. Their bright blue scales make them quite attractive. Listed below are some facts about this lovely fish. Read on to learn more about their origin and care.

The pattern of the guppies makes them very popular. The guppies’ tails resemble the patterns found on snakes. In Europe, this pattern is referred to as lattice. While each guppie has a different way, they all have a distinct appearance. They have other tails that flare out at a 70-degree angle. The backside of this guppy is about two-thirds of its body and is adorned with a broad, triangular pattern.

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Electric Blue Guppy

The Electric Blue Guppy is the first named after the lapis lazuli gemstone. Although the guppy’s name refers to its tail colour, there is no consensus regarding its origin. The blue colour comes from the gene that produces a metallic turquoise colour. During its lifespan, the electric blue guppy may develop into one of several forms, with solid blue bodies and dotted or mosaic fins. Another variety of turquoise is known as the Blue metal double sword.

Lifespan Of Electric Blue Guppy

Electric blue guppies have a long lifespan, ranging from about four to five years, and are very hardy. To breed successfully, they require water between 73 degrees Fahrenheit and eighty degrees Celsius. Male guppies approach females from below and extend the gonopodium, a thin rod near the anus, to initiate mating. Female guppies can store sperm for up to three months, enabling them to have multiple births during one mating session. The gestation period usually lasts twenty-two and forty-two days, depending on the species.

Electric Blue Guppy

The Electric Blue Acara is a relatively low-maintenance fish. However, providing them with a comfortable and safe environment is essential. To avoid stress and anxiety:

  1. Try to make their habitat as similar to their natural environment as possible.
  2. Include plenty of hiding spots for your new pet and a resting place.
  3. If possible, use a rock or boulder as the base of their habitat.

Ideal Water Temperature For Electric Blue Guppy

When keeping a guppie in a tank, it is vital to maintain a temperature close to its natural habitat. Water temperatures should be between seventy-four and eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit. Although guppies can survive in waters as cold as 70 degrees Fahrenheit, a tank temperature below that level could lead to many health problems. Water temperatures less than seventy-four degrees are not healthy for guppies and can even lead to death.

Electric Blue Guppy

If possible, avoid placing the tank near a radiator. The radiator’s heat can harm guppies, and they’re not likely to be happy if the temperature constantly changes. It would help if you increased the temperature gradually. Keep the temperature consistent throughout the day and ensure the guppy gets the proper heat to remain healthy. You should consider moving your aquarium to a more excellent room if you live in a cold area.

The temperature in your guppie’s tank should be at least sixty-four degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) during the day. In the wild, guppies cannot migrate to warmer waters, so they cannot do this if you’re keeping a guppie in a tank at a lower temperature. However, in an aquarium, it is crucial to keep the water temperature comfortable so your guppies can stay healthy and happy.

Feeding Electric Blue Guppy

There are some general rules when it comes to feeding guppies. It is crucial to remember that the more food they get, the more active they will become. If you’re feeding guppies with shrimp, try to provide them with live ones. While they will eat live ones, it may carry the risk of disease transmission. However, live guppies are not toxic to guppy fish. You can also feed your guppies with lettuce, peas, and cucumbers.

To avoid health issues, feed your guppies only live foods they like. They are not picky eaters. The best time to feed your electric guppies is when they are mature. Blue Guppies need water that is at least 73F. Males typically approach the female from below and extend their gonopodium (thin rod near the anus) to initiate mating. The female will then store the sperm for up to three months and give birth to as many as three babies per mating session. The gestation period for a female guppie is approximately 28 days and can range from 21 to 40 days.

Electric Blue Guppys Other Compatible Fish

If you are considering purchasing a betta fish and an electric blue guppy, you should choose a peaceful tank mate. Guppies are easy to care for and have very low bioload. Their natural habitat is salty water. The best number, you can keep in groups of three. However, you may also want to consider other fish for your community tanks, such as Ghost Shrimp or Red Cherry Shrimp.

Other compatible fish for your guppies tank include corydoras and Barbus. These two fish are compatible because they live in the same environment and like the same water conditions. They will share a similar diet, though guppies tend to hide during feeding times. In addition, they will not compete for food with rams. In general, these two species do well together in a community tank.

Guppies are great tank mates for a variety of reasons. They are peaceful and do not usually attack other fish in the tank. They do not grow large and are relatively easy to breed. If you want to keep a betta tank, you can also save a zebra danio as your other fish. Zebra danios are agile, excellent water fish that will stay on shoals.

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