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Most Expensive Betta Fish 💰 $10 Million!

Most expensive betta fish species are undoubtedly the most difficult. In recent years, it has become the most expensive betta fish in the world due to the reduction of species with excessive and unconscious hunting. At the same time, the elegance of their tails is not in any other fish. The bettas are so valuable … Read more

Fishing Gaffs For Boats And Tuna | These Telescopic Fishing Gaffs Are Incredible *NEW

Fishing gaffs are essential tools for landing large fish. These fishing gaffs tools are made of lightweight aluminum and designed to hold even the biggest of game fish. There is a fishing gaffs brand available, including telescopic and fixed models. Choosing the right gaff for the task at hand is vital if you want to … Read more

Leaded Fishing Line Depth Chart Guide | How To Choose The Best Fishing Line? **NEW

Leaded fishing line is the most useful tool for pro fishing. When choosing your leaded fishing line knots, you may be wondering if you should use a lead core or leaded fishing line. The two types of fishing lines are virtually interchangeable. The lead core line is more flexible, allowing you to use any lure … Read more

Fishing Tools Kit And Equipment Ideas | No More Mistakes With Fishing Tools! *NEW TIPS

Fishing tools are very important to professional fishing. If you want to have a successful fishing trip, you should have some basic fishing tools and equipment. These fishing tools are essential for several different tasks. For instance, longnose pliers are essential for removing hooks from a fish. They can also cut fishing lines and bend … Read more

Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combo Reviews | Do Not Buy A Rod Without Reading This Guide! – **NEW

Ultra light fishing rod is a great way to reduce the weight of your line without sacrificing performance. There are several advantages to using ultra light fishing rod poles. For one, they are ideal for fly fishing. These ultra light fishing rods are ideal for beginners as they are light in weight and very easy to … Read more

Fishing Swivels Types And Snaps For Large Spinners | Correct Size Tips for Fishing Rod Swivels! **2022

Fishing swivels are stainless steel the preferred material for fishing swivels types, but brass is also a good choice. It is cheap, and fish cannot see it. Nickel-plated brass, however, does not have the same load capacity as stainless steel. Besides, fishing swivels will not withstand saltwater. It is important to choose the right swivels … Read more