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Spade Fish Species & Bait Techniques | Unknown Secrets About This Bait!

Spade fish is the most common question in the world of fish is, “What is spade fish species?” These hearty white-fleshed spade fish is striped in black and white and move gracefully in large schools. They feed on soft food, so they look like pushover fish. However, they turn into the Incredible Hulk once hooked! … Read more

Glass Fish Aquarium Care | Improve Your GLASS FISH Skills With These 5 Step!

Glass fish is the most interesting fish in the ocean. There are several different types of glass fish aquarium. These colorful glass fish are common in freshwater environments but are also able to adapt to soft, brackish water. Glassfish are especially fascinating to beginner aquarists because of their lively personalities and captivating schooling behavior. But … Read more