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Frontosa Cichlids

frontosa cichlids

How big do Frontosa cichlids get?

The Frontosa cichlid grows quickly and can reach 15 inches in length; female cichlids, on the other hand, average only 8 to 10 inches. Your fish needs the right tank size, substrate, diet, and care to reach its maximum length.

What fish can go with Frontosa cichlids?

Other peaceful African cichlids from Lake Tanganyika are the best tank mates for Frontosas because they like the same water conditions. Malawi cichlids, on the other hand, can be great tank mates because they are piscivorous, which means they eat smaller fish in nature.

Is Frontosa easy to keep?

The Frontosa is a top predator that is both beautiful and easy to care for once you are aware of a few quirks. These rocky reefs are home to a dizzying array of brightly colored fish, and they are populated by schools of large predators that are some of the most majestic cichlids in the hobby.

Do Frontosa need rocks?

Environment of the Aquarium Since Frontosas spend most of their time in deep water, large rocks arranged into caves would be a great place for them to hide and have some extra rocks because they like to mark their territory.