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Bumblebee Shrimp Saltwater

bumblebee shrimp saltwater

Do bee shrimp eat snails?

Although it is normal for all of the nearby shrimp and snails to “clean up” the remains of a deceased snail when it dies, shrimp will not eat any living snail tank mates and will peacefully coexist with them.

Will bumblebee shrimp eat asterina starfish?

Bumble bee shrimp ought to be extremely insatiable for the lack of tube feet on Asterina starfish.

What shrimp eats asterina starfish?

Although harlequin shrimp are known for removing asterina starfish, you should be aware that they will consume all starfish, including sand sifting and other beneficial species.

Do bumblebee snails eat asterina starfish?

I’ve seen some at a local farmers’ market, and after looking them up on Google, I found that they apparently also eat Asterinas, but they don’t solely rely on them as a source of food. Accordingly, they might be a good choice for dealing with Asterinas without leaving them starving to death.

Should I remove asterina starfish?

If you find any fragments of a dead asterina starfish, keep them in the aquarium and remove them as you find them. You should never attempt to kill these starfish while they are still there.

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