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Bumblebee Cichlid Tank Mates

bumblebee cichlid tank mates

What fish are compatible with bumblebee cichlids?

White Tail Aceis, Golden Mbuna, Red Peacock Cichlids, Melanochromis Chipokae, Pseudotropheus Cyaneorhabdos, and Tanganyika Cichlids are some of the seven suitable Bumblebee Cichlid Tank Mates. The fish is native to Lake Malawi and thrives in larger bodies of water.

How much do bumblebee cichlids cost?

Bumblebee CichlidSize and Color Price (1.25″) Juvenile Stage 2 – Nice Transitional Color $7.95 $5.00 Premium Unsexed Stage 3 – Color Morph $9.95

Is a bumblebee cichlid and Mbuna?

Bumble cichlids, also known as Mbuna or bumblebee cichlids, are found in caves alongside larger bagrid catfish in this region. The majority of the time, bumble cichlids exhibit the yellow and brown barred markings that give them their common name.

What is the rarest cichlid?

The cichlid “Cichlasoma” beani, also known as the Sonoran cichlid, the green guapote, and by the Spanish names mojarra de Sinaloa and mojarra verde, is now one of the rarest, most desirable, and hardest-to-obtain cichlids on the wish list of casual cichlidophiles.

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