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Bumblebee Cichlid Size

bumblebee cichlid size

What size tank does a Bumblebee Cichlid need?

Size and configuration of the tank Because bumblebee cichlids can grow to be large fish, you’ll need a tank at least four feet long and 50 gallons deep to comfortably house one.

How many bumblebee cichlids can live together?

How Many Bumblebee Cichlids Can Live Together? The ideal number of bumblebee cichlids to keep in a tank is one male to six females. This keeps the males from harassing a single female and prevents the males from being very aggressive when they are spawning, which sometimes causes the female to die.

Do bumblebee cichlids have teeth?

The Bumblebee Cichlids, like other cichlids, have well-developed pharyngeal teeth in their throat. Additionally, they have spiny rays at their anal, pectoral, pelvic, and pectoral fins, which they use to ward off potential predators.

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