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Bristletooth Tang

bristletooth tang

Are Bristletooth tangs reef safe?

This beautiful fish is great for a reef aquarium, but it needs a 70-gallon or larger tank to have enough room to swim. It is aggressive toward other Tangs, but it gets along well with other fish.

How big does a Bristletooth Tang get?

When fully grown, adults of the Two Spot Bristletooth require approximately 100 gallons of aquarium space, but juveniles of this tang can be kept in smaller quantities.

Are Bristletooth tangs Hardy?

Kole and tomini are common and hardy tangs. Bristle tooth tangs won’t necessarily eat nori. Other genera eat green algae, while kole and cousins eat more slime/film and detritus in nature. Tangs in that genus are pretty hardy, in my experience.

What do bristle tooth tang eat?

Even though the other fish in the aquarium will also eat meaty foods, it’s important to give tangs a lot of seaweed and algae that come from the ocean.

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