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Bristle Worm Sting

bristle worm sting

Can bristle worms sting?

Bristleworms are worms with elongated segments and a pair of bristles on each segment. Although bristleworms are not aggressive, they can sting and bite when touched.

Are bristle worms poisonous to humans?

The jury returned in the late 1970s, and the verdict was that, despite the fact that the bristles of some worms, particularly fireworms, could break off in your skin and cause severe dermatitis, there was no detectable venom, probably because there was no venom to detect.

How painful is a fireworm sting?

They produce a severe burning irritation in the area of contact, which is why the species is known by its common name. The sting can also cause nausea and dizziness, which can last for a few hours but can be followed by a painful tingling.

How do you get rid of bristle worm spines?

Apply hydrocortisone ointment to alleviate burning and inflammation, then remove the spines with tweezers or by adhering various types of tape (such as Duck Tape or even lint rollers) to the spines and pulling them out.

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