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Breeding Bleeding Heart Tetras

breeding bleeding heart tetras

Is breeding tetras easy?

Tetras are difficult to breed, but there are many species of tetras, and some of them are easier to spawn than others. In fact, many hobbyists have tetras spawning in their community tanks, though the fry rarely survive.

Are Bleeding Heart Tetra fin nippers?

The spunky Bleeding Heart Tetra is usually a peaceful community fish, but some of its more boisterous individuals can nick their fins. To help reduce this behavior, keep them in large schools of at least six fish, preferably more.

How long do bleeding heart tetras live for?

The freshwater tropical fish known as the bleeding heart tetra, Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma, is a native of the Upper Amazon River basin. It can grow to a size of 64 millimeters and lives for about five years.

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