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Blue Spotted Puffer in Reef

blue spotted puffer in reef

Can you put a puffer in a reef tank?

The majority of pufferfish are best suited for fish-only tanks because puffers can quickly eat many reef aquarium inhabitants. However, some smaller puffers, also known as “Tobies,” have the potential to live peacefully within a reef tank.

Can puffer fish live with corals?

Despite being dwarfs, no puffers are truly reef safe because they can eat shrimp, crab, and snails, but they should be mostly safe for coral.

Are Blue Spotted Puffer fish aggressive?

A Blue spot puffer is to be added “with caution” into a reef aquarium because they are expected to eat invertebrates that are part of the clean up crew given their diet. Given their generally peaceful nature, Blue spot puffers should not be kept with species that are overly boisterous or aggressive.

Are Valentini puffers reef safe?

Some people think this species is safe for reefs, but others don’t want to risk it with an invertebrate-eating coral. Harder, cheaper corals might be worth a try, but people who don’t want to risk it might stick to fish only with live rock.

Are neon Dottybacks aggressive?

If you want to house this beauty in a smaller community tank, make sure to add it as the last fish. Captive bred Neon Dottybacks tend to be much less aggressive than wild collected fish. The Neon Dottyback can be aggressive toward smaller fish, so we recommend keeping it with larger fish species.

Are Neon Dottyback reef safe?

Because the species is carnivorous and enjoys shrimp and other small invertebrates like coral, it is not recommended for reefs and should be kept in fish-only tanks.

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Are dottybacks aggressive?

If you’re looking for a beautiful color and a small size, a dottyback might be right for you. But don’t underestimate these little guys because they can be fiercely aggressive. However, with the right tankmates, they can live in relative peace with their neighbors.

How big does a Neon Dottyback get?

Neon Dottybacks are one of our larger dottybacks and should be introduced as one of the last fish in the tank because they can be aggressive in community tanks with smaller fish. They grow to about 3.5 inches in length.

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