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Blue Shrimp for Sale

blue shrimp for sale

How much do Blue Dream shrimp sell for?

Aquatic Arts’ Dream Blue Velvet Shrimp is currently on sale for $8.99.

Is it hard to breed blue shrimp?

Blue Velvet Shrimp are very easy to breed; all you need to do is give them good conditions, cover their filter intake with a pre-filter (like a sponge), and keep them in a tank without fish (with the exception of Otocinclus catfish, which are fine to keep with breeding shrimp).

How long do blue shrimps live?

The lifespan of Blue Velvet shrimps varies depending on their genetics and quality of life, which are influenced by the quality of their breeding and the care they receive in the tank.

Are blue shrimp hard to keep?

Blue Dream Shrimp are an excellent addition to any shrimp hobbyist’s aquarium, whether it is already established or just getting started. These shrimp are simple to maintain and go well with a wide variety of other fish and shrimp.

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