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Blue Jelly Shrimp for Sale

blue jelly shrimp for sale

How long do blue shrimp take to grow?

In about three months, the tiny shrimp will reach maturity and be ready to breed on their own, giving rise to numerous new shrimp.

How long do blueberry shrimp live?

Full-grown N. davidi shrimp have a length of about 4 centimeters (1.6 inches), prefer clean water with a pH of 6.5-8, and prefer temperatures between 14 and 29 degrees Celsius (57 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit). They are most at ease at 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit).

Are blue Velvet shrimp natural?

While the blue velvet shrimp does not exist in nature, this shrimp species is a morph of the red cherry shrimp (Neocaridina davidi), which is found in India and Taiwan.

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