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Blue Cream Dilute Tortoiseshell Cat

blue cream dilute tortoiseshell cat

Can a dilute tortie have white?

Tortoiseshell Cats These colors can be called dilute torties, which range from soft grey to brown, ginger, cream, amber, red, and cinnamon. Dilute torties may have blue and cream fur instead of black and orange, but tortoiseshell cats do not have any white at all.

What is a blue cream cat?

Both the black and red genes are diluted in a blue tortoiseshell cat. Lightened black gives the cat the color blue, while diluted red looks like cream.

Are dilute tortoiseshell cats expensive?

Tortoiseshell cats can be quite pricey because of their distinctive coat and general rarity. Unless you are lucky and find one at an animal shelter, a tortie will run you between $1000 and $2000.

What color is dilute tortie?

Dilute torties have two distinct color codes—one on each X chromosome—that enable the cat to have orange and black fur, as well as the MLPH gene, which mutates the pigmentation of the coat colors, transforming orange fur into yellow and black fur into blue.

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