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Blue Cream Dilute Tortie Cats

blue cream dilute tortie cats

How much is a dilute tortie cat worth?

Tortoiseshell cats can be quite pricey because of their distinctive coat and general rarity. Unless you are lucky and find one at an animal shelter, a tortie will run you between $1000 and $2000.

Can dilute torties have white?

Tortoiseshell Cats These colors can be called dilute torties, which range from soft grey to brown, ginger, cream, amber, red, and cinnamon. Dilute torties may have blue and cream fur instead of black and orange, but tortoiseshell cats do not have any white at all.

Are tortoiseshell colored cats rare?

Torties are an American shorthair mixed breed. How common are tortoiseshell cats? You can find tortoiseshell cats in shelters, foster homes, and rescue groups. The most uncommon male tortoiseshell cat is one in 3,000!

Do tortoiseshell cats have 3 colors?

Because their fur resembles the distinctive pattern and coloration of the hawksbill turtle, a tortoiseshell cat has a coat that is a tricolor pattern that is determined by the genetic data of the sex chromosomes. It is black, white, and orange.

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