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Blue Cherry Shrimp for Sale

blue cherry shrimp for sale

Are there blue cherry shrimp?

Dream Blue Velvet Shrimp are breathtakingly beautiful specimens of the ever-popular Red Cherry Shrimp. Their striking cerulean blue color adds elegance and a soothing atmosphere to any aquarium setup.

What is a blue cherry shrimp?

The BlueCherry Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda) is a dwarf freshwater shrimp that is native to Taiwan. It is a peaceful freshwater shrimp that is known for its ability to eat algae and is a member of the Atyidae family of invertebrates, which includes more than 20 other species.

Are blue cherry shrimp easy to keep?

CARING: Blue Dream are easy to care for because they can adapt to a wide range of water parameters and can be kept in either soft or hard water. For the best color, we recommend keeping them in hard water with a gH of at least 5, and the aquarium should be completely cycled before adding any shrimp.

Are blue shrimp hard to care for?

Blue Dream Shrimp are not aggressive species and can withstand a fairly wide range of water parameters. They love to feed off of naturally occurring biofilm and algae, especially in a planted tank. As a result, they can be quite low maintenance; in fact, they can even help keep your tank clean!

How big do blue pearl shrimp get?

A Blue Pearl shrimp has a size of two centimeters on average, with males remaining slimmer and smaller. This dwarf shrimp is popular not only for its appearance but also for its utility.

How many Blue Diamond shrimp are in a gallon?

Size of the tank: at least two gallons (five shrimp per gallon should be fine).

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What is Pearl shrimp?

A freshwater shrimp known as the pearl shrimp in the aquarium hobby, Neocaridina zhangjiajiensis was bred in Germany into multiple breeds specifically for the market.

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