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Bleeding Heart Tetra Care

bleeding heart tetra care

How long do bleeding heart tetras live?

The freshwater tropical fish known as the bleeding heart tetra, Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma, is a native of the Upper Amazon River basin. It can grow to a size of 64 millimeters and lives for about five years.

Do bleeding heart tetras eat plants?

Bleeding heart tetra fish are omnivores who consume aquatic insect larvae, fallen fruit, soft plants, worms, and fish fry. Although they may nip at aquarium plants with soft leaves, tetras that are fed a variety of food will leave them alone.

Will Golden Wonder Killifish eat other fish?

The species is generally peaceful, but because these fish are carnivores and will eat very small fish and crustaceans, you should always pair your Golden Wonder Killifish with larger fish and shrimp.

What are killifish compatible with?

Danios (we love the Celestial Pearl), smaller catfish, neon, green, and ember tetras, rainbows, and other peaceful fish are some of the recommended Killifish tank mates.

How many Golden Wonder Killifish should be kept together?

In the end, the golden wonder killifish is a very peaceful species of fish that can be kept in groups of four with other fish. However, if you keep other fish in the same tank as the golden wonder killifish, you need to pay close attention to how each species behaves and what it needs.

How big do Golden Wonder Killifish get?

This species of Killifish is one of the larger ones, reaching a mature size of 4 inches. The males of this species have bright colors on their bodies, ranging from yellow to blue, and bright orange spots and stripes cover their bodies and fins. On the other hand, the females of this species are more subdued in color and form.

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