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Bleeding Heart Fish

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How many bleeding heart tetras should be kept together?

Bleeding heart tetras are generally peaceful fish, but their temperament is largely determined by their social group. Because bleeding heart tetras are a schooling species, you should keep at least four to six of them together because they will meet up, swim around the tank together, and rely on each other to control their behavior!

How big do bleeding heart fish get?

The freshwater tropical fish known as the bleeding heart tetra, Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma, is a native of the Upper Amazon River basin. It can grow to a size of 64 millimeters and lives for about five years.

Can bleeding heart tetras live with discus?

These Red Bleeding Heart Tetras are very active, healthy, and would be an excellent addition to a Discus Community Tank.

Do lemon tetras lay eggs?

Lemon Tetras are egg scatterers who do not care for their parents. They are moderately easy to breed, but the females sometimes have trouble exchanging eggs, so it may be necessary to combine a male with several females to start spawning. A large adult female in good condition can produce up to 300 eggs.

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