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Black Skirt Tetras in Planted Tanks

black skirt tetras in planted tanks

Do black skirt tetras eat plants?

Diet and feeding of the Black Skirt Tetra In point of fact, they typically consume anything that crosses their path, including plants and insects as well as brine shrimp and bloodworms. If you keep your Black Skirt Tetra in captivity, you can feed them commercially available dry food in the form of pellets or flakes.

Do tetras like heavily planted tanks?

The majority of common tetra species are well-suited for a planted aquarium because, like many aquatic plants, they like soft, acidic water. These fish are especially well-suited for aquariums with a substrate made of soil because the soil keeps the pH in the acidic range and the hardness in the soft range for a while.

Do skirt tetras eat plants?

Black Skirt Tetras don’t care what they eat; in the wild, they will eat anything from plants to insects, but in captivity, this species should be able to survive on commercially available dry food.

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