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Black Neon Tetra for Sale

black neon tetra for sale

How many black neon tetras should be together?

Tank Size & How Many Can Be Kept Together Being just over an inch, the Black Neon Tetra doesn’t need that much space. But because they’re schooling fish, it’s advisable that you keep about 3 to 6 of them together. A tank of about 20 gallons would be suitable for a small school of Black Neon Tetras.

Do black neon tetras change color?

The fresh water fish neon tetra has the ability to change the structural color of its lateral stripe in response to a change in the light conditions, from blue-green in the light-adapted state to indigo in the dark-adapted state.

Can you breed black neon tetras?

Black Neon Tetras frequently breed in captivity. In many cases, spawning occurs naturally in the community tank. To ensure the survival of the fish fry, we recommend setting up a separate breeding tank. All you need is a small 10-gallon tank.

Are black neon tetras Hardy?

The Black Neon Tetra is a hardy fish that is good for the beginning fish keeper. They adapt well to many aquarium conditions and are very easy to feed. These fish get along well with most other peaceful, community fish.

How much do neon tetras sell for?

Neon Tetras cost around $1.50 per fish for juveniles but this can vary. Adult Neons will be more expensive as the seller recoups the cost of feeding and caring for the fish as they grow, so adult Neon Tetras can cost up to around $8 per fish.

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How many neon tetras should I buy together?

Tetras are schooling fish and therefore they live happily in groups. Therefore, in the case of tetras, the classic rule of THE MORE, THE MERRIER applies literally. However, if you are the kind of person who believes in numbers, then a minimum of 6 tetra fish is recommended.

How many tetras can I put in a 10 gallon?

The brief answer is, you can house about 5-6 animals in the neon tetras tank size of 10 gallons. The average neon tetra requires around two gallons of water to thrive and grow healthily.

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