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Black Mystery Snail

black mystery snail

Do black mystery snails clean your tank?

Mystery snails are easily one of our favorite freshwater creatures. We can’t get enough of these little guys! Not only are they easy to care for and fun to observe, but they also help make your tank cleaner by snacking on algae throughout the day.

What do black mystery snails eat?

Other than algae and biofilm, they also eat fish/invertebrate pellets, algae wafers, and blanched vegetables such as zucchini, kale, spinach, or cucumber. Mystery snails have a very keen sense of smell and will rush toward food as soon as it is dropped in the water.

Do black mystery snails reproduce?

Also mystery snails are not asexual! They take a boy and a girl snail to make baby snails. Another tactic is to only keep one in your tank.

How do you take care of a black mystery snail?

A Mystery Snail needs to be in an established tank with sufficient size and water volume to support its needs. So avoid overstocking and keep the general rules of fish count in mind. Like most other snails, a Mystery Snail can thrive in a small established tank like a 5 or 10 gallon aquarium.

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