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Birds Nest Coral Care

birds nest coral care

Where do you place birdsnest coral?

Using IC gel glue or putty, place the Neon Green Birdsnest Coral on an exposed rock or ledge in the aquarium where it will receive direct light and flow. Vivid Aquariums suggests feeding Birdsnest corals Oyster-Feast or Roti-Feast.

Why is my birds nest coral turning white?

Becomes white from too much light because the flesh burns, and soon algea will grow there, indicating that the area is dead. Other reasons may exist, but parameters are typically the case before the light.

Do birds nest corals encrust?

The outward-growing branches of birds’ nest corals will bond to things they grow into, which can be a real pain if hair algae grows up through them because snails or tangs can’t get to it. I agree with the other comments.

Where should corals be placed?

Placement of Different Corals Soft corals should usually be placed at the bottom of the aquarium because they need less light and less water flow. Your LPS corals should be placed at the next level because they don’t need as much light or water flow as SPS corals do.

Is birds nest coral SPS?

Some of the fastest-growing SPS corals are Bird’s Nest Corals, which thrive in strong flow but require different lighting conditions depending on the colony. In our experience, the pink varieties prefer brighter lighting than the other varieties, while the yellow bird’s nest prefers dim lighting.

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