Betta Fish Fighting To Death ✔️| Why Are Bettas So Angry? 17 New Pics! - |

Betta Fish Fighting To Death ✔️| Why Are Bettas So Angry? 17 New Pics!

Betta Fish Fighting To Death, due to the extreme aggression of male betta fish towards each other, was bred centuries ago by the people of that time for shows and betta fish fighting to death. Exhausted as bettas fight each other, the male betta usually dies from sustained injuries or exhaustion.

Betta fish fighting to death was considered status and merit by the locals. Because of this, the lower class and the nobility had special betta fish that they raised themselves. Today, warrior betta fish are often kept in aquariums because of their attractive coloration.

Betta Fish Fighting To Death

Species of betta fish with shrimp have a special labyrinth organ to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere, enabling them to colonize oxygen-deprived freshwater (for example, in rice-growing watersheds in Southeast Asia). All betta fish species primarily feed on small aquatic insects and mollusks and care for their young. Betta fish and shrimp can inhale air from the water’s surface with the help of their upper mouth (open at the top). Therefore, they can adapt to aquarium life by breathing the air above the aquariums. If betta cannot adopt, betta fish fighting to death.

Betta Fish Fighting To Death

Betta fish fighting to death determines their own dominance because the aquarium environment they live in is usually narrow and gloomy. And they fight to the death with other fish that enter this area. Although this fight is not always, it can have very harmful results for both sides when it takes place.

On the other hand, the natural aggression of a betta fish actually arises from the fact that this species was bred to fight in the past: You can think of it this way: “Fish that fought with each other for fun and show. So, betta fish fighting to death

How To Train A Betta Fish?

How to train a betta fish? We know that you are wondering about the answer to the question. First, you have to be patient, and with a little persistence, you can teach him to follow your finger, eat from your hand, swim in circles, play soccer, and even jump out of the water or get up to be petted. Fish food is the best supplement for desired behavior. But if betta fish are in a particularly small aquarium, you have to be careful not to overfeed them.

The most important educational factor here is fish food for training your betta!

Betta Fish Fighting To Death

Betta fish are among the most popular pet fish in the entire world. Many betta fish owners form an emotional bond with their betta fish, as do owners of more familiar pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters, and parakeets. Betta fish are closely related to cichlids, a very intelligent fish. To be more specific, betta fish are aware of their environment and therefore love to explore their environment. They crave their personal space and self-determined boundaries, thus revealing their playful personalities or exhibiting “weird behavior.” They like to get to know their human companions quickly and know when to feed, so they get excited when you approach their aquarium.

To Train Your Betta Fish You Must Follow These Steps!

  • Move your finger slowly outside the aquarium so the betta can see it, and when your betta fish comes towards your finger, give it a live sandworm from the top of the aquarium.
  • Use verbal expressions and commands to bond with your betta fish once it learns to point towards your finger for food!
  • Next, stick a black worm on your fingertip and see if the betta will pick up the worm from your fingers.
  • As time passes, it’s possible to train your betta fish to jump out of the water. Once your betta has grasped hand feeding in water, raise the bait slowly upwards with your hand so that it jumps out of the water.
  • Remember that bettas are natural jumpers, so it is very important to keep a secure lid on the aquarium when you are not training it.

Can Betta Fish Live With Shrimp?

Generally, bettas can coexist very harmoniously with shrimps. However, some betta fish with shrimp are quite aggressive and very angry. So for a peaceful aquarium community, this may vary depending on the betta fish and shrimp‘s character, especially when alone.

So yes, shrimp and betta fish can live together.

For betta fish and shrimp to live together in harmony and without fighting, the aquarium owner must correctly set up the aquarium setup for both species. But sometimes betta fish fighting to death with shrimp.

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Why Does My Betta Fish Hide?

Betta fish can be hiding for many reasons, and here are some of the most common reasons:

Why Is My Betta Fish Hiding?

  • Your betta fish may not like intense light with too much and high contrast.
  • Because your betta’s aquarium is narrow and very small, it may be hiding because its movement space is restricted.
  • Your betta may not like other species in your aquarium. For this reason, betta fish fighting to death.
  • Your betta may be sick or injured in an unseen part and needs to be treated.
  • Your betta fish may be depressed for a variety of reasons.

Do Betta Fish Like To Hide?

Betta fish do not like to hide; if they are, there must be a reason for their behavior. It is important to understand how your betta fish behaves so that you can provide a suitable environment for it or do what is necessary to solve the current problem. And if bettas don’t hide, betta fish fighting to death.

Betta Fish Fighting To Death

Why Do My Betta Fish Keep Dying?

It is possible to list some of the causes of death of betta fish as follows:

  • Changes in the water they are in overtime: Bettas like fresh and clean water. If the water they are in is contaminated, it can end badly for them.
  • Average water temperature lower than required: Bettas are tropical fish by nature and can live in water temperatures between 75 and 80°F. Therefore, more or less these temperatures can put them in a difficult situation.
  • Do not overfeed: If you overfeed your betta, this will cause them to lose the amount of food they need daily and will kill them.
  • Threatened by other species in the aquarium: Bettas can die in a short time if they are harassed and injured by other species. And betta fish fighting to death.
  • Being under stress and getting depressed: If bettas are exposed to intense pressure and stress due to the environment they are in, they can become depressed and die because of this.
  • Problems that you are not aware of or are out of your control: Diseases or unforeseen problems that arise due to various reasons can also cause the death of the fish.

It is because of the spatial or mental conditions that these problems create betta fish fighting to death.

Scientific Features Of Betta

Scientific name:Betta Smaragdina
Family: Osphronemidae
Subfamily:Großflosser (Macropodusinae)
Genus:Fighting fish
Scientific Information Of Betta

How To Euthanize A Betta Fish?

Do you see your betta fish in pain and so sick that it won’t get better despite all your efforts? You love your betta fish very much, you are very attached to it, but after a while, you realize that it is not playing in the aquarium, it is getting weaker or its movements are getting slower. So what will you do now?

When your fish gets sick because of these conditions, the first thing to do is to spray it correctly and regularly. You take care of him as best you can and make every effort to help him get better. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, your betta’s health may not get any better and you may have to consider different options to put an end to this difficult situation.

If you see that your betta is suffering and you realize that keeping it alive is more harmful to the betta; “How To Euthanize A Betta Fish?” The question has come to your mind.

The most painless merciful method, “Clove Oil

Most betta owners use clove oil as a last resort to euthanize betta fish. Because clove oil gently rests and relaxes your fish, minimizing its severe pain, you can mercifully put an end to your betta’s pain.

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