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Can bee shrimp live with cherry shrimp?

The bee shrimp, which belongs to the genus Caridina, can also be kept with a colony of a strain from the genus Neocaridina (such as blue pearl or red cherry shrimp) or a genus Paracaridina (which are harder for hobbyists to find).

Are bee shrimp hard to keep?

Bee shrimp are susceptible to ammonia and nitrate, and they also require essential tank care that you need to be aware of. They require an adequate tank size and unique water parameters that you need to follow and be mindful of.

How big is a bee shrimp?

The Bumble Bee Shrimp, also known as the Striped Harlequin Shrimp, is a common species in the Indo-Pacific. Their body color is yellow or white, and they have black stripes on them, giving them the appearance of a bumblebee.

Is Crystal shrimp a bee shrimp?

Crystal Red shrimp are a well-known variety of bee shrimp that originated in Taiwan. Their “candy cane” bodies feature contrasting white and red stripes, making them easy to identify.

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