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Amazon Sword Reviews | ⭐Best Cute Looking Tropical Aquarium Fish

Tropical aquarium fishes are some of the most fascinating fish one can add to their tank. One of the many reasons they are such a great addition is due to their ability to be bred in captivity, which allows any aquarium hobbyist to help replenish the aquarium hobby without having to purchase wild-caught specimens; some of them can be so hard to find and are often expensive. Breeding aquarium fish is an exciting experience for beginner who loves the practice. However, having a fish can be expensive, regardless of the type of fish you choose to raise. This article will cover some of the basics of breeding aquarium fish that you can apply in your own aquarium setup.

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Amazon Sword Specs

Among the specifications of Amazon Sword:

  • Scientific Name
  • Pictures
  • Origin
  • Nature
  • Care Level
  • Lifespan Time
  • Maximum Size
  • Maximum Tank Size
  • Price

Amazon Sword’s Scientific Name

Amazon Sword’s scientific name is Echinodorus bleheri

Amazon Sword Pictures

Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword Origin

Amazon Sword’s origin is Indonesia

Amazon Sword Nature

Amazon Sword’s nature is Peaceful

Amazon Sword Care

Amazon Sword’s care level is Beginner

Amazon Sword Lifespan

Amazon Sword lifespan time is Up to 3 years

Amazon Sword Size

Amazon Sword’s size is 4½ inch


Amazon Sword Tank Size

Amazon Sword tank size is 30 gallons

Amazon Sword Price

Amazon Sword price is listed at $8.49 – $14.99

Amazon Sword Review

You can find about Amazon Sword review in this section. Breeding fish is not as easy as just throwing two fish together and waiting for them to produce offspring. There are many factors that go into breeding tropical fish, including the water temperature, food supply and proper tank maintenance. To ensure your success in breeding exotic species, follow these tips:

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1) Determine the male and female of each species by observing the fins on each one. Males have longer pectoral fins while females have shorter ones. The anal fin on males tends to be larger than that of females too. Females also tend to be larger than males but there are exceptions in some species such as discus fish where both sexes look similar in size

2) Keep your fish separated until they start spawning because if they are placed together too soon it could cause stress

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