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Amazon Puffer Fish

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Are Amazon puffers aggressive?

The Amazon puffer, also known as the South American puffer, is a small, colorful fish that lives mostly in South America. Unlike most other freshwater puffers, it does not defend its territory and does not show aggression toward other fish.

Are Amazon puffers friendly?

They are known as the “friendly puffer” because of their tendency to shoal, and unlike many of their cousins, these fish thrive in groups—the more, the better!

What fish can live with Amazon puffer fish?

If you want to keep Amazon puffers in your tank, you should only keep them with other Amazon puffers. You can also keep them with short-finned, fast-moving fish, such as medium-sized characins, barbs, larger rasboras, and tranquil Rams or Apistogramma.

How big do Amazon puffers grow?

Fortunately, the Amazon puffer is one of the few freshwater “community puffers” that can live with other fish and only grows to 7.6 cm (3 inches) in length.

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